EB-5 Visa Investment Program

The EB-5 investment program for Indians (and others) allows for what is known as direct jobs and indirect jobs. And should be a part of your first Business Plan.

USCIS has specific criteria including economic models for how the required minimum of 10 full time jobs must be created. And in addition to direct and indirect jobs, the investor visa program allows for what are known as induced jobs.

Direct Jobs Under the EB-5 Investment Program

Direct jobs are clearly identifiable positions for qualified U.S. workers which are full time (35 to 40 hours per week). And they are within the business created through the investment EB-5 Visa program.

Business Plans can include “job sharing” for specifically described positions. An example is as follows. Three employees hold the same title, each works 12 hours (combining for 36 hours, which is a full-time status). This must count as one full time position within the Business Plan.

Additionally, Random part-time employees not hired (or plans to hire) for a specific job or within a job-sharing role do not count toward the minimum job requirements.

The term “induced jobs” is for when a Business Plan specifically calls for hiring local workers within the community of the business.

A Business Plan for a manufacturing plant might require the hiring of machinists, forklift operators, and assembly workers. Therefore, hiring these workers would also help nearby businesses by adding impact to the local economy along with the jobs.

Also, Demonstrating as much benefit as possible for a local community can help with your EB-5 visa or investor program Business Plan’s chances for success.

Indirect Jobs Under the Investment Visa Program

Indirect jobs are added to the count of full-time jobs created within the investor program. These are particularly important considerations.

USCIS regulations allow for only appointed regional centers to enable one or more indirect jobs. And counted toward the total number of jobs created within the Business Plan.

An indirect job is a full-time position created in relation to the business proposed by the investor program Business Plan.

And this typically refers to a supplier or servicer of the specific business to a position which would not otherwise exist without the EB-5 visa program. In this instance, the employee could serve at a separate location or within a separate business.

Your completed Business Plan and application must also prove a minimum of 10 full time jobs.