EB5 Investors

Meeting the financial requirements for an EB-5 Investors Program can have a major impact on you and your immediate family for many years. This is the direct route toward permanent U.S. residency for yourself, your spouse, and for any and all children under the age of 21.

Upon meeting the $1,000,000 minimum investment criteria, participation in our EB-5 Investors Program provides you with some very important options and opportunities which can last a lifetime.

One important option is your ability to start almost any type of business in the U.S. Consequently, your personal knowledge and/or experience could give you a head start in your decision.

For example, if you have hotel management experience, you could build or partner in a hotel anywhere in the U.S. Perhaps you have experience in a trade, such as repairing autos or heating/air conditioning systems. A repair shop or service could be a business for you and your family while you obtain your green card.

Furthermore, since another of your business requirements is that your business must produce a minimum of 10 jobs, you would be able to hire the additional help you need. While your family can help with growing and operating your business, you can also gain from hiring people that know the community your business is located in.

Our EB-5 Program Lets You Choose Where You Live

Location is still another advantage of the EB-5 Program for you and your family. Meeting the $1,000,000 minimum requirement allows you to build, start, or partner in your business anywhere you choose within the U.S.

EB-5 Program investors, and immediate family members, are able to travel to and from anywhere in the United States without a visa.

Factors such as climate, population, schools, average age, and industry competition often determine the best possible location for a new business. Having the freedom to choose your desired location to live and operate your business is important to both your short and long term success.

Our EB-5 Program

There is only one possible restriction on where you can build or start your business. In the event you have a minimum of $500,000 to invest, you can still join our EB-5 Program and obtain your green card. In that event, your business must be located within an area which has a high unemployment rate. We can help you to make your choice.

Either way, you will also be able to Sponsor green cards for family members.

Since the EB-5 Program is available now and is seeking additional investors, you can begin to plan for yourself and your family as soon as possible!