Determining your investment is the first important step toward becoming a permanent U.S. resident through the EB-5 visa or investor visa program.

This starts with finding the investment project which is right for the investor and family for the long term. The investment can be in the creation of a business or it can be in a Regional Center project.

While demonstrating having and utilizing the financial requirements for the investor program for Indians is a crucial step. To create a successful Business Plan, there is a lot of required information.

Options for EB-5 Visa Investors

Plenty of options are available for those who wish to create or expand a business in the U.S. Based on previous expertise and/or experience. Those with the $1,000,000 minimum investment requirement can also choose any desired location within the U.S. to create their business.

While a minimum of 10 additional full time jobs (not including the EB-5 investor visa program) must be created. The investor determines the location inside the United States.

Those factors can range from desired climate, likely demand for the proposed business or service, location of other family members or business acquaintances, and/or travel concerns of the EB-5 visa or investor visa program applicant.

Investors with $500,000 are eligible for the EB-5 investor visa program, although there are additional restrictions as to what and where the investment can be made.

However, any applicant meeting and demonstrating the financial requirements does not have to plan for a specific business.

The fact is that the majority of all EB-5 investor visa program applicants invest into a Regional Center project. Such projects are considered to be “for profit” businesses which were created after November of 1990.

Restructuring of an older business.

However, there is a path to follow in the event that an EB-5 visa or investor visa program applicants can demonstrate a restructuring of an older business (established prior to Nov. 1990) to meet the required guidelines.

Such a restructuring would need to increase either the net worth of the business or the number of employees. The increase must be a minimum of 40%. A Business Plan for a restructuring can be presented as a business trust, a partnership, a corporation, or sole proprietorship.

Although there are numerous choices, examples of businesses eligible for the EB-5 investor program for Indians include hotels and restaurants. They also include manufacturing and agricultural developments. Investments can also be in medical and biotech technology.

Regardless of the choice, the Business Plan of the applicant must thoroughly demonstrate how the business will grow and how new jobs will be created.