EB-5 Real Estate Investment Information

Business Strategy

Integrated Expertise

The Atlanta EB-5 Regional Center believes that managing the real estate development lifecycle with a single team leads to better investment outcomes. As a result, we have built a vertically-integrated organization with expertise in:

  • Land & Building Acquisition
  • Development
  • Construction
  • Financing
  • Property Management

The Atlanta Eb-5 Regional Center manages all of its properties except for the hotels. In that case, given the infrastructure required to operate hotels, the Atlanta EB-5 Regional Center partners with some of the world’s leading hotel management companies including Marriott International and Hilton Worldwide.

Our EB-5 investors want more than attractive risk-adjusted returns; they seek the safety and opportunity afforded by a U.S. green card. Atlanta EB-5 investments provide:

Predictable Immigration Outcomes
Our EB-5 Investors rely on us to develop projects that satisfy the EB-5 requirements set forth by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. Ensuring a project’s compliance with all USCIS job creation requirements and other regulations is our top priority and begins at the earliest stages of our analysis.

Safety & Security
The Atlanta EB-5 Regional Center seeks the highest quality development projects in irreplaceable locations in order to minimize the operational and market risk inherent of any real estate investment. While we cannot control the markets, we can mitigate the effects of an economic slowdown by building the most desirable projects in a city’s most sought after locations.

Direct Equity Investment
Unlike most EB-5 real estate investment providers, The Atlanta EB-5 Regional Center structures its EB-5 investments as equity. Our EB-5 investors are limited partners with ownership in a real estate asset. While this means that we cannot guarantee the return of an EB-5 investment on a pre-specified date, our EB-5 investors benefit from participation in the project’s operating cash flows and profits at sale alongside us. For example, our hotel projects pay investors roughly 8% per annum or more.

The Atlanta EB-5 Regional Center is not an intermediary looking to place our investors’ capital with a separate real estate developer for a fee. Our EB-5 investors invest directly in projects developed and managed by our team. We know that our investors rely on us and we directly manage all aspects of the projects.