EB-5 Business Plan preparation is of the utmost importance to get started with your EB-5 investor program for Indians. When working with the Regional Center, the I-526 processing time for the first investor often ranges from 12 to 16 months. However, this does not include the time spent in preparation for your application.

EB-5 Business Plan Preparation

Once an applicant makes the choice of investing in an existing opportunity or creating their own business, the process of putting the Business Plan together begins.

Although this is not a complete list of what needs to be included, these strategies should be considered. Regardless of the category and desired physical location of the visa or investor visa program Business Plan.

The location of the business (your investment) is important for a number of reasons. If the applicant is creating a business, the Business Plan needs to show as many specific reasons as possible for the selection of the geographic location.

Choosing the Location for an EB-5 Business Plan

Among the important elements to be addressed are:

  • Why the selected city or community is favorable toward the business for years to come
  • How the costs of acquiring or renting property compare with other possible locations, along with any expected construction costs
  • What role the location plays in the operation of the business

A Business Plan for the visa or investor visa program should justify its location in every way possible. The local economy, ability for consumers to come to the location, or proximity to and from transportation is important. And nearby attractions and non-competing businesses could all play a significant role toward eventual approval.

Also, the applicant is able to choose a location to create a new business or choose among a variety of locations to invest in a business. The ability to demonstrate why one location was selected ahead of others could make a difference within the approval process.

Choosing a Financial Strategy for an EB-5 Business Plan

a graph showing rate of return on investment on eb-5 business plans are not guaranteed

There is no such thing as a guaranteed return of investment. The minimum requirement of 10 full time jobs must be met within 2.5 years following approval of the I-526 petition within the investor program for Indians.

Consequently, the planned investment should consider each phase of costs. Estimates should be included for any possible construction or renovation and/or rental costs. There are starting costs and ongoing operational costs.

Creating and scheduling of each job position also need cost estimates for planning the payroll.

Whether the application is for creating a business or investing in an existing one, the proper research is necessary to the initial Business Plan.